Friday, January 21, 2011

Small Houses and Even Smaller Mortgages

We all would love to live in a home of our choice and design but unfortunately sometimes we just can't afford to live in our dream homes. Seldom do our incomes exactly match our ambitious intentions for satisfying our hopes and dreams. Some of us have very few options due to a low income and lack of suitable information.

Have you realized that most people will not even have enough money to retire on? With that being said, even people of low income can have a house to call their own.

Don't lose hope, lose the mortgages and build your own home with plans for small inexpensive house designs and your own resourceful nature. Not only would you be owner of your home, but also have powerful financial leverage at your disposal.

Building your own inexpensive small house is not as difficult as you may think. You can easily find plans for small inexpensive house designs,begin building your own cheaper home and pay no more mortgages.

Sounds great, right! Wondering how you'll manage it?

The task of building your own small inexpensive house may seem challenging, but think of how rewarding it would be to actually do it. Because you can, in fact, build a small house without mortgages. There are whole communities of people doing that very thing.

Explore simple small house plans, especially if this is going to be your first home. Remember, the simpler the design, the more creativity you engage, the broader your ideas for building materials and resources, the less costly your brand new small house will be to build.

The savings in monthly expenses alone is enough to make you want to start building your own house. Very small house plans significantly reduce your environmental footprint, as do the plans for small inexpensive houses. Imagine your electricity bill between $30 and $60 every month, or use solar panels (and follow the DIY [do-it-yourself] solar plans method) to eliminate and even turn a profit from the electric company. Yes, they will buy energy from you.

You won't even owe a monthly mortgage when you build it yourself. If you decide to build your own inexpensive small house without the help of contractors, you own more than half the house because of the savings in labor cost. You are now able to borrow against the equity.

Imagine tens of thousands of dollars available to you for whatever reason regardless of your employment or credit worthiness. You're now able to open a revolving equity line of credit with low interest and a long pay-off schedule. This is a good security blanket if times get tough.

With the worldwide economy the way it is, the average used home price in America alone is around $250, 000. That's astounding once you factor in payments and bills for mortgages, utilities, property taxes, fees and regulations over 30 years.

Your home should enhance your lifestyle, not make you want to run from it. It should be a financial relief, not a financial burden. How it should be is how it could be if you take the time to consider building your own home and take a look at simple small house plans.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

It Is Not Impossible to Get No Credit Check Mortgages

The reasons why you may need no credit check mortgages are many. Whatever the reason, you must be 100% sure that you are capable of paying back the money that you are taking else it is more advisable not to take such a mortgage.

It is not easy to find a mortgage loan of this kind. But it is not impossible as well. The main reason why it becomes tough to find a loaner of this sort is because such a loaner has to lend the money without being able to make any background checks about the person taking the mortgage.

When lending money, it is extremely important to do a background check about the person as it determines the stability of the person applying for the mortgages. Such kinds of checks determine whether the person who is taking mortgages will be able to pay back the mortgage loan or not.

Any loaner thus needs to be full aware of the 'stability points' of the individual that is applying for the mortgage loan. But when it comes to a mortgage of this kind, the loaner is almost in the dark and has no way of really determining whether or not the person opting for a mortgage without a credit check can actually pay off the loan.

But in spite of all the hurdles associated with a mortgage of this kind, it is still possible to get one. Of course, it is no way quite as easy as running to your local bank or a mortgage firm to get the 'normal' kind of mortgage.

You will have to do a lot of research and a lot of running around, but this cannot be helped. It would require you going that extra mile to find a mortgage lender who is offering no credit check mortgages. But, the trouble will be will worth it, as you will discover.

By: Andre Hansen
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